Huawei matebook x Pro - Not turning on (blown mosfet)


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Hallo i trying to learn how to troubleshoot/diagnose laptop motherboards. I have here Huawei matebook x pro i7/16gb.

Laptop wont start only keys capslock and fn lights light up and fan start spin for 3 seconds bud light stay on. And power light just blinking.

My steps what i done.
- At first i see blown mosfet, ok i replaced it with new one (still dont help) - i am wondering what can couse the mosfet to blow
- find lot of shorts on top site on the board (i think it is a shorted cpu but it is unlikely to be cpu it is rare)
- and i dont know what to do next maybe someone can help me figure it up.

I attaching a short videos that you can see where are shorts and so on.
Link to video 1 (Diagnistics):
link to ivdeo 2 (How much power taking when charging):
link to ivdeo 3 (What he do when i try turn it on battery):


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Hi Dusan, It appears that there is weak signals from various chips in the motherboard. There may be numerous chips in the motherboard to replace rather than just replacing the blown mosfet. The motherboard appears to be failing in multiple areas. I could be wrong though. Just helping you figure out the problem.

It may be necesary to replace the entire motherboard.

Do you think ESD could have caused the problem?
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