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Hmmm.....I have been testing some new HTML code...supposedly you can save correctly in HTML format in word. I have been putting in code and saving in that format. When I open IE, it just comes out in text. Could somone help me?:confused:
What are the extensions?

What is the file extension of the file you are opening? If it is .DOC it will display it as text. If it is .htm or.html it should display correctly.
Yea, when you choose "Save as" right under the file name click the drop down box and select "Web Page .html" that should clear your problems up...
I do do "save as" and go to html. I think it could be IE because it is out-dated like heck. Could that be it?
;) lol. Yep. I do. I am pretty experienced in web page making. Though I can't say my skills haven't become a bit rusty in the past year...
Speaking of sorting...

The windows personalize folder thingy is done in HTML, which is very convienient. :cool:

Wait...what does that have to do with sorting?:confused:
ms word is going to have some header information in the file, no doubt, identifying it as an ms word document. ie treats it as such and probably opens it as a plain text document as a preview.

to test this theory try some non-proprietary software like opera or netscape navigator.

I'd highly recommend that if you're going to hand code web pages, use a plain text editor. it's just cleaner.
use notepad , rename the .TXT file ext. to .HTML

You could do it that way, but Arachnophilia will check your html code for errors automatically, notepad won't!! (It will also beautify your code if you wish), and like I said, it is a free download - well worth it for the extra features in my opinion.:)

AND - you don't have to rename a *.txt file to *.html!!!
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