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What would you all reccomend for a good HTML editor?? any that you guys know of that are free? Im using a thing called coffee cup, its pretty cool but i want to know of any others. thanks
Well you can always use notepad... that's where most people start.

But if you want to stick with a WYSIWYG editor, it's not free, but I highly recommend Dreamweaver MX from Macromedia. You can get a free demo to try it.

And if it has to be free, I can't think of any, but goto and do a search for free html editors. I am sure you will find what you need.

Hope this helps.
Thanks for the input. I have been using "old faithful" (notepad) for a long time now. I just wanted some other ideas. I knew i probably would have to pay for one sooner or later, just wanted to ask. I will check out dreamweaver. Ive heard many good things about that. Thanks for your advice.
Well, I found a nice free program, just go to google and search evrsoft and go to their website and download it from them. It's totally free, and it has a wide array of features.
Hey, ever tried using Quanta plus in Linux?
that's quite good.
Try ACE HTML for Windows , it's free...
I used ACE HTML for a long time before I got dreamweaver. I really like it. dreamweaver is actually the only editor with wysiwyg stuff that I like. it doesn't write horribly messy code, and it has that nice split screen option.
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