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I want to pick up a HP TouchSmart TX series laptop, and was wondering if anyone had one? I found a bunch of used ones on Ebay, and for new they are going for $500ish. I don't want to pay over that, that's why I'm picking them. I'm not gaming on it... but I just want to know if it has any kind of quality to it.

I just want to use it for programming while I'm away from the desktop, and for basic 2D games (Plants VS Zombies as example)...

I like the idea of a touch screen.. what would you guys pay for a used one? I'm thinking no more then $300.
I would say that would be fine for you. I never used a HP laptop. In the business industry, HP TouchSmartor Lenovo ThinkPads are used often. Seen several of them in businesses. ;)

For simple games and programming, I think it will suit you well. It might be a bit sluggish at compiling, but for basic use, it won't be bad.
Slow compile time won't bother me much. I like the concept of it. Small, good battery life.. Swivel screen.. It's pretty neat in my opinion. I have my quad core PC for fast compiling and gaming :)

I was wondering though if it had any quality. The TX series are dual core and do have 4GB of ram.
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