HP Recovery Manager Problems?


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Hi. I have a HP Pavilion dv2700, and I recently had to backup all my files using HP's Recovery Manager tool (my Vista crashed on me, got that "Loadkey failed with Error 999: STHIVE#0" message). I was thinking of just doing the restore to factory settings, but I'm a bit worried about the backup that I made.

I've heard rumours that the HP Recovery Manager backup does not recognize .docx, .xslx, etc files. Is this true? I have several important documents in those formats, and I don't want to lose them in doing the factory restore.


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Well, if the computer crashed it sounds like you can't get to them anyway right?

If you can still get in and get your data then just copy them to a jump drive.
If you can't get in, you could always hook up the HDD into an external case and get your data off that way.

Otherwise, you'll have to trust the backup. I don't know about HP Recovery Manager.