Hp probook 4520s


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Yesterday I found a computer in the tresh
And also in the lest 2 weeks i found myself sinking on computer stuff on YouTube so i wanted to challenge me and wants to fix it.
In the computer the panel power button is missing and the power button itself faulty.
I suppose the battery is dead so i connect the ac adapter to computer and the orange light is blinking. I close circuit with a peac of aluminium. The computer deas not turn on. So i clicked in YouTube throoblshooting in this model and in the movie i heard a possible that the power jeak is not working properly and thay transfer the brown wire to the red and soldering thay together.
I try to do that but instead i short the 2 pins 😅 so suddenly it was stinky in the ac adapter .
I thought its goes on but its ok
So i ask what do you thing i need to do for fixing my computer