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Currently I have a HP PAvilion 503w that I started up grading by adding 256 more memory to the previous 128, and I added a 64 mb Radeon video card. But now, the next upgrade, is a case. The case I have in mind is:

TitaniumX Mid-Tower ATX: http://www.crazypc.com/Merchant2/merchant.mv?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=120199&Product_Code=8114

And I would be getting a blue cold cathode light, a blue cold cathode lighted fan, and a dragon fan cover.

But, back to my question, would my Pavilion's Intel Celeron Processor/Mother Board fit into a case that is for
Motherboard Type: ATX or Extended ATX or Pentium IV or AMD

And would my power supply work in it, or would I have to buy another, and if I have to buy another, will an ATX power supply work with a HP mother board?

Ok, thanks, and as far as the Mother Board part, I think it should fit, I email them, and they said it should fit but they were worried about the psu. Thanks!
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