hp pavilion phoenix se a6755y motherboard


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Hey all. I am going to be getting a ^^^^ for about 60 bucks because there is no display on screen at all. I have narrowed it down to three things. 1.onboard video went out and a video card will solve it. 2. Person who had it before had a video card and disabled the onboard video so i need to reset the bios settings. 3. the whole motherboard is going bad on it. If anybody else has any ideas or input please let me know.
I can hear the hard drive when it turns on and all the fans work on the comp so....

For option three i was wondering if anybody could tell me if these motherboards will work to replace it. Or if you know any other motherboards that are good to replace it for cheap. I like the hdmi ports on these guys tho



the current motherboard is a MSI Aspen-GL8E

thanks guys