HP Pavilion dv7-1448dx keys not working


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Recently some of the keys on my laptop's keyboard stopped working. All of the letter keys working, but all of the number keys above the letters except for 5 and 6 stopped working, as well as a few random numbers on the keypad to the right, and also the num lock key, left alt key, function key, and a few of the F keys. I have been using the on-screen keyboard for when I need to use these keys, but I would like to fix the problem. I have updated all drivers, and still nothing. My warranty is void so I would prefer to fix it myself for free if possible. I have also tried to take a few keys off and clean them but that did not work either. Anyone have any other solutions?

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it sounds like your keyboard is going bad brah i would say you need a replacement keyboard which are pretty easy to replace