HP Omnibook 6000 Laptop: P3 700mhz,40GB, DVD (On Ebay, less than $200)


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HP Omnibook 6000 Laptop: P3 700mhz,40GB, DVD (On Ebay, starts at $1)

HP Omnibook 6000 Laptop

This is a great laptop. It was originally licensed under Windows 2000 Professional and I will include a copy of the disk. Windows XP has been installed and runs great under Service pack 1. I am selling because I got a new desktop and no longer need a laptop. I will gaurentee the laptop to arrive in working condition, however everything else is as is. Please read the entire item description before bidding.

Bidding starts at $1. Auction ends on Saturday, July 29th around 4pm Eastern Time.

* DVD and Floppy Drive included

* AC Power adapter included

* The battery holds a charge and usually lasts over an hour.

* 40GB 5400RPM Hard Drive

* 256MB Ram

* Pentium 3 700mhz CPU

* LAN Ethernet and Modem Ports

* 1 USB and PS2 Port

* Very quiet

* 14In LCD in Good condition (no dead pixels)

Included Extras:

* Belkin 802.11g/54mbps Wifi card

* Car power adapter (this is great for watching dvds or working on the road)

* Operating System, Drivers


* Minor Cracks and Case Wear

* Touchpad Makes Arrow Drift Sometimes (this is usually not a problem though, using an external mouse will prevent this).

* PCMIA slot flaps are missing; this does not affect WIFI card performance and is unnoticeable when the wifi card is inserted.

I will guarantee the laptop against DOA (Dead on Arrival). Everything else is As-IS. Before bidding, understand that this is a used laptop and has minor defects.

Please ask any questions, I will try to answer them ASAP. Items will be well packaged to prevent damage during delivery. I will ship with USPS or UPS. Shipping is $15.

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Well you technically could buy it for $10, i would mind then, but i doubt it will go for that. All you can do it bid and see what happens. Email me on ebay and ill make a canadian shipping rate.

Of course, only bid if you intend to buy. Non paying bidders will be left negative feedback and maybe suspended by ebays customer service team.