HP "Older Generation Ink" Printer Message - 301 Cartridges?


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I have an HP 5532 all in one with 2018 dated inks and 2016 dated firmware. I've always used expired ink cartridges in all my HP's over the past 20+ years, from my deskjet 420c, to my 3820, my 5550 and my present K7100 A3 printer with no issues.

The HP 301 series cartridges have some "older generation ink lockout" if the cartridges predate the printers firmware I believe. Is there a bypass as 301's came into service in 2012 and plenty of them exist in expired new old stock.

I'm using a 2009 expired black in my k7100 and 2011 colour with no issues. I've used older cartridges of 2005/2006 and they work, ink obviously won't be as fresh and print quality maybe poorer but they get job done.
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