HP NC 4000 XP installation


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I know that this has been requested before but I can't find any replies so here goes.

I have a crashed HP NC 4000. It will only boot up to the first display window where I can select F10 to select some options.
The options are limited. There is a boot from floppy but it is greyed out and no mention of a DVD boot
Someone said that the operating system (XP) has to be downloaded from a network but how ?
After the F10 saga there is only a blank screen.
I can't find any way of re loading the XP operating system. The machine doesn't want to talk to an external DVD drive.
I have plugged a network cable in but presumably you need the operating system up to get on line.
How do you get a new XP operating system loaded into a dead NC 4000.
Would appreciate some pointers
Is your Windows XP on a CD disk? Use the CD drive on the laptop and go into your bios and set the cd drive to be the first device in the boot order. If your CD drive no longer works, you can get probably get a working CD drive on ebay
You can get an XP .iso download here to burn to a cd disk, you can use Rufus to burn the .iso file:

Edit: drivers are no longer available from the HP support web site
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