Hp Laptop Startup Problem.


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The laptop I currently have is an hp and it's about four years old. It worked perfectly fine until just a couple days ago, II put it on. It started up had the usual screen with windows xp and after, a blue screen appeared and then quickly disappeared and the laptop automatically rebooted itself. It kept on doing this until the battery ran out. I tried runing it on safe mode, reboot, and putting reinstall cd, nothing worked. The same problem occured. When I went to best buy, the computer specialist imposed that theres something with the hard drive. He also mentoned I might of dropped it or shut it too hard. I don't recall. I would just like to get it fixed and not spend $70 at geek squad to just see what's wrong with it, which doesn't even include fixing it. If anyone has any suggestions, recommendations, etc... reply either on this or privatley..soccerad2049@gmail.com Thankyou.
I actually had a problem with this once. I turned out to be a virus. If you have two spares flashdrives (you might be able to use one), you can install a bootable version of PartedMagic and retrieve all your important files to your seocnd flashdrive. Then you can reinstall Windows and see if that's the problem (a virus). If it's not, then it could well be the hard drive. You mentioned your computer is 4 years old, and hard drives tend to last about 4-5 years before breaking down.