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So i got a laptop from HP the begining of 2007. last year i had to send it in because the motherboard failed. i got it back and things were going fine till the begining of fenuary this year. the harddrive failed. so i bought a replacment from amazon and found correct drives and made sure it was compatible. i bought the replacment the begining of this month, of march. it worked till about two days ago when it would not fine the os system, which was vista and it had an erorr message:
PXE-E61: media test gailure, check cable
PXE-M0F:exiting Nvidia boot agent
when i enter the install disc to see if i can repair anything it cant find the harddrive. i have talked with hp already and they are usless cause they said i could send it in for 300 dollers but one of them said it was a motherboard problem, meaning they didnt install it correctly or dont care. any one know what to do? i dont want to have to pay cause i beleive its their fault anyway. who knows whats wrong? anyone with ideas please help. thanks!
Is the hard drive recognized by the BIOS? can you boot up the notebook with a Linux live CD or some Hiren's boot CD and see the HD?
If the BIOS doesn't recognize it then (probably) the disc is damaged.
If the BIOS recognize the HD, then try to use some software like Acronis Disc Director Suite to fix it....
Hope it works.

Good luck! :cool:
no the hard drive is not recognized by the bios. how do i try booting from linix CD? how would the disc get damaged thou? new harddrive, and a year old motherboard?
If the drive is not recognized by the BIOs then the drive is bad and needs to be replaced.
Don't you have any guaranty from HP? As far as I know it is not a HP problem only... But if you want you can give us the specific model number or search by yourself into HP's website for a common problems.

ya but why??? its only 3 weeks old? is it hps problem?

Sorry but we cant explain this to you. For all we know the drive could have been previously used, damaged at some point, already dying when it was put into your machine, defective from the manufacturer or something else. There is no way in the world we could possibly explain why after 3 weeks the drive died.

You need to contact HP and flat out tell them that they need to replace the hard drive. It not being recgonized in the BIOS is a serious problem. The only thing that you could possible do is see if there is a update for your BIOS on their website. Maybe that has a fix for this issue.
or the motherboard could be bad and it's killing hard drives. I ran across that problem a couple of time
ya about the motherboard. it was replaced last year and it was something ho even said when i was chating with themthat there must have been a problem with it. so what do i need to say to hp?
Tell them that your hard disk has died and you suspect that the motherboard they replaced it with is at fault.
But my money is on the disk it's self being the issue, it could have been a faulty disk and it's only just gone now, damaged in transit or a whole host of other reasons.
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