HP iPAQ rx3715 Up for Trade or Sale


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I am looking to trade the rx3715 for a Tungsten T5, or sell it for $350.00.
I purchased the unit back in December (2004). It is in Excellent condition. It works great, but I was a Palm guy for years and I wanted to try out the PocketPC realm. Needless to say, I am still a Palm guy.

Althought I do not have the original box, I do have all the documentation and accessories originally packaged as well as a RinoSkin Aluminum case and a Sync/Car Charger cable.

The Tungsten T5 is going for 355 around the net and the rx3715 is going for 379, so I would say it is a fair trade.

From a usability stand point, the rx3715 is like having a small laptop (no kidding for real) which is great, if you need that. The other advantage is that the rx3715 is Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Capable, so you can get on the net anywhere where there is a hot spot, which does come in handy at times.


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I could trade you a sony palm lol....its HOT but its in black and white and gray and all that good stuff but it has one of them crystal clear screen ( you can view pictures and play movies)....I like it