HP dvd writer 300i Problems

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Okay here's the thing: I have an HP dvd300i dvd writer that is a 4x DVD+R RW burner. It will play commercial DVDs,CDs, and as far as I know it burns CDs okay, but when I try to play a burned DVD, it won't read it, even if it burned it itself. It won't even read data DVDs that I've burned with it. Nor will it read DVD+r's that I've burnt with other burners (even though the DVD player on my TV reads them fine.) I've checked, and the firmware seems to be the latest version.

The types of DVDs I've been using are HP dvd+rw disks. At first, it was burning them fine, but wouldn't erase them, now, everytime I try a burn, the burn completes, but when I try to use them, I get nothing. When I put the burned dvd in the drive, my computer doesn't respond, but the second I hit the ecject button, m computer responds normally again. I've tried reading from a different type of DVD+r RW media, but I get the same results.

I've also tried using different burning software, such as burn4free, NERO, EZ CD Creator, but still no luck. Please help. Any advice would be greatly apreciated.
sounds like the drive is dieing. Try to get a different burning program, or at least an update to what you have. If that doesn't work you may have to buy a new drive.
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