HP a1540n Processor Question...

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I have an HP a1540n model desktop PC. rather than buy a new computer i was thinking about swapping out the processor. It's a socket AM2 and i was hoping to trade out the stock cpu for this one on new egg:


or this one:


If this one isnt compatible does anyone know of a socket AM2/AM2+ that will work with my pc? or where would i go to find out? Basically i just want to get a quad core in there.

I know the PC is sorta old but its honestly fine for what i do. i can run fallout 3 with only slight overclocking of my video card at nearly its highest setting without a hitch.
AM2+ should be compatible with AM2 (so both of those should technically work). However, if you're gaming, you should really be concerned with the graphics card rather than the processor.

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wouldnt there be a mobo issue? thats what i dont know how to research...

and yeah i know about the video card and gaming of course... im just saying that i dont really game (meaning i still play fallout 3).


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The Phenom 9850 and Phenom II X4 940BE both have TDP ratings of 125W and the motherboard can only deal with 90W TDP CPU's.

The best your gonna get for the board is an AMD Athlon 64 X2 5200+.


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remeniz... would this chip be a decent improvement over the 2.2 dual core im currently running?


i guess i should really ask if you think the $60 dollars or so is worth it...
Yea the chip will work but...

Last night I was searching for more information on the motherboard inside your computer and although I saw the words AM2 I also saw the words Socket 939! If it's a Socket 939 then the CPU you linked won't work and you'll have to search the second-hand market for an upgrade.

I'll search around a bit more later, just woke up :D , and report back to ya.

EDIT: The CPU you linked is fine. Infact i've seen people upgrading to the 125W 6400+! You might need to update the motherboard BIOS first. So do this before exchanging the CPU.

What OS are you running?

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until the other day i was running vista and XP. But ive since upgraded vista to windows 7 but still use XP mostly. im not so concerned with 7 functioning perfectly with the new cpu because i use XP normally. i only kept vista and put 7 on to keep up with the ever changing bullshit microsoft insists on making.

can you give me a link to a few of the higher end processors that you think will work? i also found the most recent bios update and will apply it before any purchase.

thanks again.


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This is the motherboard used in your HP: ASUS A8M2N-LA cpu support and features
Although it does state with the 125W chips -

"There were reports of this CPU working in the motherboard. BIOS will not recognize the CPU. Power supply upgrade may be required."
In other words, your taking a gamble running the high TDP chips on that board. Also notice that the 125 TDP chips feature the 2 x 1 MB L2 Cache sizes; great for productivity, so your only benefiting from a clock increase and not the increase in L2 Cache.

I'd go for a Athlon 64 X2 5400+ with the latest BIOS update...

...or one of the Athlon 64 X2 6400+ if you fancy your chances.