HP 1209 All In One

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I've got the HP 1209 all in one and it has been really nice... But all a sudden it will not scan. I can pull up the photo software and do anything on it until I click on scan and then it locks it up for several minutes and then simply does nothing. It copy just fine and prints just fine but no Scan... I've uninstalled the software and reinstalled but its the same.

Any idea's?
I've done the drivers and I have tried Paint... In Paint it tries for a little bit then tells me that it can not establish a connection with the scanner.

But as I said it prints like a champ.
There must be a problem with the scanner section. I would never get an all-in-one, even from HP. They do go bad from time to time. I'd just get a standalone printer, that's what HP is known for.
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