How will TF implement tutorials exactly?

I got to thinking about the tutorial section and one or two tutorials I have made since being a member here, and I came to a strange conclusion.

If all tutorials are slowly going to be moved there, will there at least be links to them from there respective forum?

If not, is that a possibility?

What I am trying to get at, is, if we have 50-200 tutorials, I don't think a member will poke around that section to find something. What I think is that each tutorial should be put there, then linked from its respective forum.

Such as moving my tutorial there, then leaving a link in the laptops section to that, possibly have a sticky in each forum if there are multiples that just links to the proper one?

Get what I am saying?

Because, I do plan on trying to do more tutorials in the future with laptop repair and PC component repair such as replacing caps and what not, and how to trouble shoot individual components, and yea. But, if people see tutorials for everything in one place, they may just give up there search eventually if it isn't really found in its respective section, such as laptop repair, or hardware diagnostics and what not.


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Right now the plan is to create a sticky thread in the respective areas entitled "Tutorials for <insert section name>" and give links to the topics that are moved to the Tutorials area. That way people can not only find the tutorials in the respective area but also in the Tutorial area as well. This way if they dont scroll all the way down to find that forum, they can still at least see that we have tutorials for specific things pertaining to that area.

That is the plan for now. There are many other things that are going to occur with the new CMS system and tutorials as well. New Tutorials that are written are going to be promoted to the CMS to be found on the Front Page as well as on the forum. I dont know if we plan on incorporating all tutorials into the sticky threads or if the sticky threads are going to stay forever or if they are a temporary solution so that people can get used to the fact we now have a section dedicated to those type of items.

We are still very much into the planning of how everything is going to work. We wanted to get the sections out there for everyone to know that we plan on getting more involved with Reviews and Tutorials. As far as implementation there are so many things that we are discussing about how to make it work right that we are a little further behind than we wish to be. But once we know for sure, we will make sure to announce what the plan is going to be.


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I will say this, we will soon be creating a Review Team. While we will have some Mandatory Requirements, some well written Guides and Tutorials will be a great way of Showing Off Your Potential.


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Cool. Hopefully I'll be able to review the Reach 360 once I get it :) And Halo: Reach, though I think specific games is a bit beyond the scope of T-F.

Out of curiosity Slay, how come you capitalise random bits of your sentences?


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Okay, just looks odd to me is all :p
I was highlighting the key words. If I eliminate all the fluff words.

Review Team
Mandatory Requirements
Guides and Tutorials
Showing Off Your Potential

And condense it

Review Team - Mandatory Requirements
Guides and Tutorials - Showing Off Your Potential