How to upgrade hard drive without reinstalling Windows? - HD duplicator not working

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I have a 320 GB 5400 RPM drive that I want to swap out for a 100GB 7200 RPM drive I have laying around. The C partition only takes up 40 GB, so there is plenty of space. I defragmented the HD to ensure the clusters are contiguous, and then I put the drives in a hard drive duplicator. I assume the duplicator just reads and copies the sectors in order starting from sector 1 to sector 2, and ect until it reaches the last sector.

The problem is it's not working. The duplicate is not booting properly, which tells me not all of the information was transferred. I assume this is because there is data lying on the 320 GB hard drive somewhere past where the 100 GB sector lies, and where the duplicator stops.

So how can I get all the data to the beginning of the HD, so when I put it in the duplicator it actually copies all data?


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I have used acronis to clone harddrives. works perfect. However it's not free.
A free alternative that i have heard is good is: Macrium Reflect Free
Try that.