how to transfer data?


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dear members

greetings. this is my first posting at this forum.

i have a core 2 duo intel system with win xp pro sp2 running.

there are two hard disks, one new 250 gb and another old 40 gb, both manufactured by seagate.

the windows was installed in the new one and the older one was made as slave.

due to some software glitch, the windows became freezed and even the task manager could not be summoned. but the folders seem to be intact and they have not been overwritten. i am not aBLe to copy or paste the folders.

i use a paid quick heal anti virus program which did not give any warning about any virus attack.

i would be grateful if any enlightened members could advise suitably as to how to go ahead and recover the files. i have tried to repair instal win xp but without success. thanks


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Did the computer just freeze and that is where you left it or did you restart it? What happens when you try to restart it? Does it load Windows and then freeze up or does it freeze before it loads?

You could always take the HDDs out and hook them up to another computer as external drives. You could use something like this.