How to secure my connection?

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I just got a D-Link DI-624 off amazon and installed it; it's working great. The problem is there are a dozen different menus that I can access that I have no clue as to what they do. I want to protect my wifi connection with the built in 128 bit encryption, but don't know how to do that. Anyone can help me out on this one?
I just got it to work. I was freaking out there for a second. Is there anything I should add on to my computer now that I am hosting a wireless connection? I already have a firewall and a multitude of anti-virus programs, but this is my first time depving into wifi.
I would use WPA instead of WEP alot more secure. You can not broadcast the SSID, but if someone is really sniffing for it they will find it, same with having only certain mac addresses around, you can normally sniff for working mac addresses.
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