How to run .exe files on a powerpc mac?


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Your right sorry.

To run Windows and Windows programs on a Macintosh with a PowerPC chip, you must install hardware emulation software. Hardware emulation works by mimicking hardware within an application. When you run a PC program in the emulation environment, the software intercepts commands and translates them into code your computer understands. In this way, you can run many PC applications and, with some programs, even multiple PC operating systems (e.g., Windows 98, Windows XP, Linux). Unfortunately, the speed will be much slower than on a PC or a Mac with an Intel chip. Nevertheless, if you use PC software only occasionally, or if you are not bothered by slow performance, hardware emulation software may be an acceptable option for you. These hardware emulation software products are currently available:

* Guest PC by Lismore Software Systems, Ltd.

* Bochs x86 PC emulator