How to revert to normal ADSL from router?

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Ok this is mostly for DSL users I guess... but anyway this is the story.

What I used to do to connect to the internet (without doing any router crap) is to make a new connection at network connections and then I'll put the shortcut to desktop and everytime I need to connect, I'll have to connect myself manually.

A few days ago, a technician came to my house and he told me that my modem has the router function itself so it can be used to connect several computers to the internet in my house (need to get switchers tho). Anyway he went to this thingie, set up some stuff (he said all the did is setting up the username/password, and enabling the NAT, and voila it's done), and then from that day onwards, when I start my computer, it would connect itself to the internet and if my dad's laptop need to use the internet, he can just plug in an extra line to the switcher. Cool.

Anyway I've been observing the connection I had these few days, and it was crappy as ****. The speed is the same with my good old setup (the make a new connection one), but it's so freaking unstable it's not even funny. Loading pages will one second give you an error webpage not found, and then loading another time will work, and it's sooo frustrating. Worst of all my torrent downloads fluctuates like crazy because of the unstable connection). I have no idea whats wrong but anyway right now I am just trying to disable this router feature thingie and I just wanna go back to my old settings but I can't! I tried resetting the username/password many times, resetting the modem itself many times, but when I use the old shortcut to connect to the internet, it will stuck at "connecting to wan miniport" and then failed....

So, does anyone know what's the deal with all these things? Ahhh it's bugging the **** out of me. Any help appreciated.
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