How to remove this virus/spyware.


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So I have this computer that just sits at home and I allow my family members to use it freely.

It runs:
Windows XP Pro w/ SP2

One day, I needed to print from this computer and noticed that 1. it was extremely slow loading up, 2. it froze right after all the icons and doesn't let me do ANYTHING except move the cursor.

The screen has this extremely obnoxious window of a program called Spyware Guard 2008. I've searched it online and seems that its a virus/spyware.

Normally, I would just grab my XP disc and do a clean install, but I have multiple documents on the hard drive that I absolutely need to keep.

Is there any way to retrieve the documents? Or Is there any way to remove the virus without losing all my documents?

Keep in mind that I can't do anything on this computer once it gets to the icons...


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If you cannot reboot in safe mode ... and you have access to another computer

or a "live" linux distro

these should enable you to backup your files