How to Reformat a Hard drive with Windows 7?


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I could slap myself for not experimenting with Windows 7 when it was in the beta stage, but there is neither here or there now. Now, a client wants me to reformat his XP computer with Windows 7, and while I have a net book with Windows 7 on it (I purchased it so I could familiarize myself with the operating system because it was only going to be a matter of time when people will need help with some aspects of it, and that was a good thing because the Windows 7 clients have already started flooding in.), I cannot use this computer as my experimental one. I know. I know. I really should have done that. I really should have had another computer that would enable me to experiment with such things, as that is what I've done before, but I just got too busy, and that escaped my mind, so here is my question.

How in the world do I reformat a hard drive with Windows 7? Are the instructions the same as for XP and Vista? If there are differences, please write out step by step instructions, so I have something to follow.

I will give rep points for this. All of your help is appreciated because I have the client in an hour. I'm now out eating my lunch at Chic-Fil-A, and I will be going over to him afterwards. I just want to make sure I do a good job on his computer. Thanks in advance for any contributions.


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Well, some would say, simply format the HD with something like an Active@ KillDisk Booter, and install windows 7 on it. But it ain't that easy. You may need to get it on a USB, depending on the netbook, and you need drivers. The most important is the drivers. whats the computer name and model?

Or do you mean format his computer using Windows 7? Sorry, I am slightly confused XD


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The Windows 7 installation program will allow you to create/delete partitions and format the hard drives. It's actually pretty straight forward.