how to record live from the internet

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aaron mccormick

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A fairly simple question for you pros...
What is the most direct way of getting internet audio recorded live, onto a Pro Tools track (or any computer source, rather)... WITHOUT downloading it as a file? There must be a way to route the audio being played on line, live, to Pro Tools. I ask this question because there is SO much audio information on the web that will never download, because of a file formating incompatibility or other compatibilty problem. Any suggestions will be warmly accepted... :p
In the Windows mixer, set the recording source to "Wave" or something similar. The specific setting depends on which sound card you're using. Then you can go into your recording program (ie. Soundrecorder) and start recording.
mmmmmmmm...protools. that is on b33fy prog that I haven't been able to use in a while. *homer drool*

Uhm, yeah. You should be able to set your input from within ProTools. Then just make sure you're getting appropriate signal levels from your control box and you should be good to go.
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