How to overclock Ram?

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Ok so after some experimenting i finally got my cpu OC'd. I have the 2.4 p4 socket478 was messing around last night and OC'd it.
Now i downloaded a temperature monitor for my cpu its running in the 125 range. Now my question is whats a dangerous temp to be running? and mind you i only over clocked it by .8mhz to be excat. and also whats the most you should OC a CPU.

My cooling is the heat sink with fan, then also your basic fan on the case insert.
nevermind the title i missed it was gonna ask something else but forgot to change topic title
I assume that the temperature is farenheit, so is that 50*C roughly? Is that under load? I wouldn't go any further if it is, if it isn't, than I would get some better cooling.
What cooling would you recommend? Yea that is in F. 125 while playing WOW with aim yahoo and powerstrip plus three different anti virus adware spyware programs running,and including a jukebox running in the back ground. so yea id say its running a pretty good load, i also upped the volts on my PSU 1.355 to 1.755
hmm... stock heatsinks aren't meant for overclocking... i recommend looking on newegg for some thermaltake or volcano cooling fans and stuff..
I have a Intel 2.4 GHz(O.C to 2.9ghz) socket 478 and i use the Zalman in my sig. Works fantastic! Idle temps are around 33c-35c and under full load it gets up to around 45c-47c. I also have a Zalman cooler for my Vid card, works fantastic as well.
You want to stay under 65 degrees celcius. Lol a 8mhz OC. For your sake, heat will determine how much you should OC.
yes codiene 8mhz just tested it out never did it before so i thought id go a little at a time lol
i popped my 133mhz to 138mhz in bios but now i just talked to my friend today and he said its completely pointless to OC he runs a P4 2.8 Prescot 800fsb with an x800 pro vid card and he runs FPS at 120+ FPS Farcry he runs up around 100+ also

so i guess its all preference

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