How to Install Firefox 3.5 in Linux??


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Well, to start off, I'll let you guys know that I don't know *anything* about programming.

OK, so I am currently operating on a Linux system with an older version of Firefox installed. I'm using an EeePC. I have been trying for the past 3 hours to install Firefox 3.5, with no success.
I've already downloaded it from the site, but I'm lost beyond that point. I've tried looking up and typing in codes in the command terminal thing; I always get 'command not found' in the end, and don't know why...I don't know which commands will let me locate specific folders, download/install, etc. on a Linux.

The only reason I so desperately want to get rid of this browser is because Myspace will no longer support this browser and Facebook chat will no longer support this browser, either...I'm feeling strangely isolated right now, in fact.

So, is anyone able to kindly provide this nooberling here with step-by-step, clear instructions on how to install firefox 3.5 on Linux??? :/...remember, I'm a programming idiot.

Thank you!


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You don't need to know anything about programming to install firefox ;)

However, the easiest method available to you will really depend on what version of linux you're running, so providing us with that information will help! You could however try:
sudo apt-get install firefox
...which works on a number of popular distros, Ubuntu included.

As a bit of background, installing packages in linux is very different from windows - dare I say far better. With the vast majority of applications you don't need to visit the site or download anything manually at all - instead you have a package manager available that "knows" how to retrieve and install thousands of the most popular packages around (firefox included.)