How to install 98se!

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Hey All I have an hp pavillion that originally had windows 98 on it...the computer locked up some time ago so i ran fdisk and format for drive I have the windows 98se cd and i want to install it on there..can someone give me instructions....I can only start the pc with aboot disk..I don't think the 98se cd is bootable..ANy help is appreciated ..thanks

oh I have a HP pavillion 6343!
installing 98se on a laptop with no cd

hey thanks i got it installeds on my desktop now i want to install it6 on my laptop.

I have a laptop with win 95 on has no cd-rom is there a way for me to install 98se on it?
yea, you would have to get an external CD-Rom or a CD-Rom itself installed into the laptop (I WOULD THINK) to install it on your laptop
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