How to get a cheap laptop

I know this is hard to believe, but I found a website where you can get a free laptop. Well, its not exactly free. Its a three step process.

1- sign up on the website
2- complete oen of their promotional deal ranging from free subcriptions to about $20.
3 - Get 18 of your friends to do the same

..After that, all you do is wait and then you'll get your choice of free Laptops. You can chose from 5 laptops:

Apple G4 (14") Apple G4(12") HP Pavilion Notebook
Averatec Pentium Notebook (2 different the apples)

Below is a link to the website. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Thanks for looking!!

Click Here

Also, act now, and I will throw in my soul and a basket of cheese and crackers!! HURRY WHILE SUPPLIES LAST! BTW, this is a scam, and I spammed half of your forums to get this message out! YEHA!