How to Free Up Ram to Increase Operating Speed



After Games or Running Mutiple Apps. DO THIS

Open Windows NotePad
Depending on How much memory you have.
Write the Following Values.

If you have 128MB of ram or more. Write


If you have less than 128MB of ram. Write


Save File (Any Location) and name it Liberar.vbe (!Make sure you Put .vbe)

Once Double Click Windows will refresh the Ram


Fully Optimized
Do you even understand what this does, or why it does / doesn't help? (The latter being the case these days!)

A friendly word of advice here. You seem insistent on the fact you know loads about PCs because your Dad runs a repair shop and you keep posting these registry mods / scripts thinking you're imparting valuable information onto the rest of us. That's really really not the case - and you need to come to realise that.

In reality you're talking to a lot of people older, more experienced and much more knowledgeable than yourself. Many are studying compsci / IT at university, many others have graduated and are working full time in the industry for very large software companies.

At the end of the day you're 13. A keen 13 year old it seems yes, and I'd encourage that. At 13 I wouldn't have known off hand what the above script did either. But here's the crunch; neither would I have pretended I did and branded it about to everyone as gospel! That's a very dangerous thing to do whenever scripts / execution is involved.

I'd take a turn around if I were you - you need to accept your knowledge isn't what you claim it is and start looking to learn rather than to preach. Do that and you could turn your passion for computers into some hard, good knowledge over time and go onto potentially become very good. Stick with the way things are at the moment though and you're not going to be received well anywhere...