How to find whats using up all the hdd space on laptop


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Hi guys, my wife's laptop is 55G but the other day when she turned it on she got a message pop up saying low hdd space, She has 54G used so I looked at her folders nothing much of significance there so I looked in add and remove programs to see how much she had. it was about 10-15G, she has lots of open university stuff on there so I don't want to medal to much so how can I locate where all the rest of the hdd has gone? Im going away for a week in the morning so if I don't reply soon I will when I get back.


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hmm make sure hidden folders are viewable and then go into the C drive in my computer and just right click each folder individually to see where all this data is
if its a windows vista machine also check in the downloads folder as that could get full quite quickly


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yea 55gb isnt much. take off 5gb for system files and stuff. then 15gb programs. your down to 35gb already. also is she hibernates it that uses 1gb or so. then theres all her docs.
try running ccleaner which will give you a breakdown of all the different main areas of the pc which usually need cleaning. hopefully is just a build up of downloads and temp files.
if not could be a corrupt drive/file on the drive.
edit: it was meant to say ccleaner up there but used img tags by accident oops lol. edited.


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Run crap cleaner then use the internal drive cleaner. Right click on the drive icon and select properties. Then select disk cleanup. Those two should free up some space. If she has restore points enabled that can chew up some drive space. Cull those down to the last 2 or 3 in the restore menu. And you can score a bigger drive for most laptops. Just depends on if you want to spend the money.