How to downgrade Dell BIOS?

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Dell GX260. Windows XP.
I just flashed the Bios to A09. Now my computer run at half speed. I want to downgrade back to A06 or whatever version before A09. The problem is, when I click A06 I got the message "The current system BIOS is the same (or newer) than the version you are trying to flash".
I also took out the CMOS battery.
I have searched for 1 hours. No solution:cry: .
I don't care what happen. I just want to get rid of A09.
Please help?
I found this. Go down to the Section Labeled "System Setup Options" and it will help you correctly adjust the cpu speed in the bios.

Thanks for the info, Slaymate.
The compatibility speed actually makes the computer a lot slower.
The real problem is that after flashed to A09. Bus Speed run at 400MHz. Before Bus Speed was 566 MHz.
There is no option to change it.

Do you know a hard way to reset the Bios version to factory settings? I just want to clear the A09.
Will reformat hard drive help clear the A09?
BIOS is not set upon your hard drive. It is within a chip on your board. You would have to replace the BIOS chip, which is next to impossible. Otherwise, you would have to RMA or send in the board to be reset.
ouch dell really burned you there. they have been known to do this. i would stay away from thier updates. they took out half the speed of a friends laptop and they hated it so much they sold it to some old lady.
That's why I always say, "If nothing is wrong, don't fix it"

Don't update the BIOS unless a component is running poorly.
Are you running in DOS-bootables, or are you trying to flash inside of Windows? The only way you'll be able to do this, is through DOS-bootables (floppy disks).

Drivers & Downloads That'll show you how to create the boot disks. Once they're created, reboot and boot from floppy, flash with A06. If that doesn't work, there's no way, except for re-writing the BIOS chip, and that's not an easy/cheap task. ;)
OK. After few hour. I success flash the Bios back to A06 with a floppy disk (spent an hour to find the floppy).
The problem now is the CPU still run at half speed. The Bus Speed suppose to be 533 MHz. It is 400MHz now. Does take the CPU out, the Bus Speed change back to 533 MHz?
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