How to create a database for the contents of folder containing 11000 mp3 files.


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Hi I am Rupesh from India and I have downloaded huge mp3 files from internet and I want to create a database of these files.

Recently I have seen a website which contains some important lectures and decided to download the site. Actually the website consists of up to 60000 mp3 files and in that I need 13000 files and all the files I need are contained in a separate directory I mean with in a web page and it's sub web pages. I have downloaded what I need ie., 11000 mp3 files of size 185 gb using offline browser called extreme picture finder and remaining 2000 files are not downloaded. The extreme picture finder downloaded these files fastly and accurately but for remaining 2000 files it is taking lot of time and so I have stopped the program. I want to download remaining 2000 files manually I mean not through any offline browser.

The website from which I have downloaded mp3 file's is very nicely organized. The website administrators arranged webpages nicely I mean suppose if we examine a webpage they have specified that all the sub pages under that webpage consists of say 50 directories and 1000 files etc.,. I want to create a database file similar to the above.

The extreme picture finder application in Windows downloaded the files to the folder e:/downloads/ with exact file system structure as source website. Is there any possibility to create a database of all the folders and files which are under this folder. I think that we can create a ms access database so that I can copy the resulted access database file called copied.mdb to my tab and open the file in android office applications like kingsoft etc.,.

Actually what I am expecting is suppose I open the database file in android application like kingsoft and examine the properties of a folder and suppose it shows that it contains 100 file's and then I will open the website address related to that directory in androids Firefox and if that web address shows that it contains 160 files then I will try to download remaining 60 file's. With 20 to 30 such attempts I can download all the remaining 2000 file's.

For Windows and Linux there are programs such as mediainfo,mediaconch which are somewhat useful for this particular need but in Windows I have found an application called playtime which will create an excel file of all the mp3 file's and their properties.

In Linux there's a command line tool called ls (list) with option -R (recursive). Is it possible to create a database using such command line utilities.

Please try to suggest a way to create a database like ms access or atleast any other sql database.


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