How to connect 2 computers......? Noob needs help !!!


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Hello all

Would really appreciate some advice......

Was I bit thick in thinking that I could just use that standard blue ethernet cable, you get from the likes of virgin, to connect 2 computers.

I was just reading something about straight cable and crossover, and then something bout new network cards can understand either.........???

well im not quite understanding much at the mo !!!

Except ive tried setting up a home network, but no joy so far, do i need another kind of cable for this.....

one thing that is puzzeling me is that i followed a walk through from online, and it showed the windows, and mine differed on one computer, in that the bit where it say how it will connect, one of me comps says through unknown internet connections. the other says something like connect through another device or computer

please any advice welcome


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Ok so you can use a crossover cable which is in effect just a standard ethernet cable that is wired slightly differently

and i am also under the understanding that most newer network cards should be able to use a standard cable as a crossover cable

all you have to do is pyshically conect the cable and then configure all the settings , depends on what it is you wish to do by having the 2 computers connected together

additionally if you have a broadband isp you might want to share the internet connection which whilst this can be done using a crossover connection you might also want to buy a modem router to share the internet connection , you can also still use this to share resources between the two computers


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Right !

Ive just got a wireless router from Virgin, One of my computers has a wireless adapter so im sorted there...

The reason I want to connect 2 comps together is so I can share files and programs, as I have so many files and programs on my other older computer....!

But Im having no blummin luck...!!! Im running xp on both ( but there a bit dodgey) weather that is having owt to do with it.

I have followed all the instructions i could find so far, and there seems to be nothing happening....!

Im getting a bit frustrated........I just bought a networking cable from the pound shop, which fits the slot, but has less pins on it ( should this work also..?????)

please any advice or links or anything would be appreciated

Thanks in advance........!!!!!!


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As far as your wireless network you should have to turn on your computer than go to control panel network settings and then setup a wireless network. You will probably need your SSID and WEP key from the modem. That should be on a sticker somewhere usually on the back. With the cable if it has less pins on it sounds like it may be a cat3 cable. The difference between a normal (straight Through) cable is if you were to look at the the connectors the wires would match perfectly and a crossover cable the two wires in the middle should be crossed. As mentioned earlier you would need the crossover cable to connect from computer to computer. Hope this answers your questions


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I shouldnt have mentioned the wi-fi this i have no problem with......

The cable I speak of which I just bought from the pound shop says on it....(etl verified eia/tia 56ba utp evernew) but it only has 4 pins/wires.

Im wonering how old an ethernet adapter will crossover a straight cable automatically, as I have still tried with the blue ethernet cable from my internet provider, but it seems the computer will not see it, it says cable unplugged, an theres no little green light on either..........

So maybe its a cable issue after all..........????

sorry it also says cat5, but basically the pack said network cable........


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wait a minute
your running a wi fi network and trying to set up a LAN as well?

well thats your problem then
with XP you can only use one connection at a time (or at least my POS dell does it that way)
so disable your wi fi network and try to set up the LAN
it should work
then you would just have to connect to the one that you would want to use for that time being

thats just my experiance though