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I'm new to the forum and hope someone can help. I recently bought a used laptop with Windows2000 Pro installed. I don't know what work environment this laptop was used for previously. My question stems from the fact that I need to make an "Emergency Start Disc", and this machine does not have any means of copying to a disc, floppy or CD.

I was going to try to install a wireless adapter card but the instructions said they recommended having sp4 (Service pack 4) installed. I went to the Microsoft help center and they suggest making an "Emergency Start Disc" prior to upgrading anything that will alter my current registry. Of course without any copying to a disc capability availible to me, I am stuck. I either have to buy a RW drive or perhaps go to Best Buy and have them make me one(ESD).

Does any one know if there is any way that I can tell if my version of Windows might already have the sp4 upgrade already done?

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Right click on My Computer, and click properties. It should say Windows 2000 SP4, or SP1. I suppose it's good to have an ESD- haven't used one before. I've seen that message many times, and have never had a problem. Now that I said that, you'll install anyway, and sure enough you'll need one.

What is the make and model of the laptop? If it has Windows 2k, it has to be decent. It should have a swappable floppy for that CD ROM that's in it, or would have one that connects serially or parallel (can't remember which one it uses when it connects like that). Give me the make and model, and we'll do some research together.


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I've never used an emergency start disc, and have never really seen the point of them either!!

you can do as PCtechmike said, (look at my computer properties) or click on start,m then run and type


then a little box will pop up telling you what windows version you are running...


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Thank you both.

I tried both methods and they worked equally as well.

The laptop had indeed been upgraded to windows 2000 pro sp4. It is a Dell C600. By looking at the base of it I see a sticker that reads microsoft windows 95. I can only suppose that who ever had it befor me did the upgrade. I read some where that if a network administrator feared folks copying sensitive data, they would assign a computer with no copying capabilities to employees. Perhaps that's why mine won't copy to a disc. It's no problem though because I can easily buy a CDRW drive that just slips in the module that the CDROM is is in now.

I'm having a lot of fun with it and have recently installed the AVG free version anti virus program. I didn't realize when I first got the laptop that it did not have an operating AV program installed. It had Ad-aware installed and I assumed that would protect me. Anyway I signed off and on the internet for a month or so befor I ran into some forums discussing AVprograms and it got me wondering--------so I ran a scan and lo and behold, it looks like I have 15 infected files!!!!! These are made up of trogan horses, worms and other things described as backdoor somethingorothers. Now I guess I have to read up on that and find out what to do next with them, they are suppossedly put into a "Virus Vault" or something.

Anyway, thanks for your help, I appreciate it.