How to change your defalt player


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How do i change the defalt player for my music because at the moment it is realplayer wich is slow and when i put a disc in it opens up real player of something else and all my stored files are the realplayer icon. i want to use win anp if i can. Thankx!!

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Go all programs and click program and access defaults, There on the custom one you will be able to change it to media player.


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right click on the MP3 and goto Open with .. select the program you want from the list and then check the check box that says always use this program


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here's a c&p of steps to make Win Amp your default player rather than real player:

1) Disable relevant Real Player settings:
Real Player -> View/Tools -> Preferences
i) General tab -> Start Center -> Settings -> uncheck "enable" -> Okay.
ii) Upgrade tab -> Media Types:
In both "Auto Restore Settings" & "Re-associate" buttons:
Remove checkmarks next to:
MP3 Audio & MP3 Playlists (plus any others of your choice!)
iii) Upgrade tab: Uncheck: "Always play RealMedia types with RP"
iv) Performance tab -> Playback from web links -> settings:
Uncheck: "Enable Instant Playback"
Okay everything, close Prefs, exit RealPlayer.

2) Temporarily associate with Windows Media Player (to fix registry backup settings)
- Note: Settings depend on WMP version -
WMP -> View/Tools menu -> Options -> Formats/File Types tab:
Checkmark: MP3 Format Sound - mp3, m3u (plus any others of your choice)
Close Prefs & exit WMP.

3) Reassociate with Winamp
Winamp -> Prefs (Ctrl+P) -> File Types
Select: MP3, PLS, M3U (plus any other formats of your choice)
* Checkmark: Register Files on Winamp Start
Optional setting:
* Agent tab : Checkmark "maintain file associations"
(to prevent other players from stealing them)
Close Prefs -> Exit Winamp -> Re-open Winamp.


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Open Windows Media Player
Tools>>Options>>File Types>>select whatever files you want to have WindowsMediaPlayer be the default.