How The Feck I Can Copy A Gamecube Cd?

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WHOW , I HAVE A GAMECUBE and i want to copy that fooka cd. is oot there any pages aboot?
You don't have that option yet. Nobody has come up with this. So for now you must buy legal copies of the games.
Optical disc 'burners' are non-existant at the moment.

Nintendo's way of preventing piracy on their part.
Well, probley because in the rules it says: NO WAREZ. (I believe they also mean ROMS too).
I have been on an IRC channel where they said Gamcube CD copying is about 3 years away. Heck, the GameCube might be out dated by then. Well, looks like Nintendo did a kick-butt job on copy protection.

P.S: Sir Gimp, does that really work?
Dante said:
Enjoy & Gamecube ? - Do those two words really go together? :D

Hey!!!!! What you got against the gamecube???? I love mine!
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