How much would you pay for my rig?


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Gaming Freak made one and it made me wonder how much mine is worth since i get all the parts really cheap.

ASUS P4P800SE socket 478
Intel Pentium 4 3.0Ghz w/ HT 800mhz FSB @ 3.6Ghz and 960mhz FSB
1gig GeiL DDR400 performace value RAM with heat spreaders at 480mhz 2.5 - 4 - 4 - 8
PNY GeForce 6600GT 500/900 @ 550/1000 AGP 8x
Seagate 300gb SATA150 & 120gb WD ATA133
Sony 52x 32x 52x CDRW drive
NEC DVD-+RW DL drive 16x


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i tryed 2 sell my old computer which was the same kind of spec as that 1 and ppl was sayin that they would pay £400 - £350 4 it

£400.00 GBP = $694.571 USD
£350.00 GBP = $607.800 USD
£300.00 GBP = $520.930 USD

i think, dont no if its right or not, but i used: