How much would you pay for a....

Half Evil

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Sony Viao laptop

That hs

  • Pent 4; 2.8ghz
    512mb SD DDRram
    60gb harddive

    That has previously overheated
    And also it has a problem with the screen to where it goes out, and you need to reposition to view it.

    They are asking $300, and im thinking like no way in hell! :p

    What would you guys pay? Because im sure I could get a break in price.


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If it had those kind of problems, I wouldn't buy it at all, lol. BUt if I had to, I would pay less than $300. So I guess I would take the $300 they're offering you.

Half Evil

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Well, thats what I was thinking, external, and I would make sure its on a smooth surface. Although, maybe the screen thing is just a cloose connection that would be easily fixed.

How low should I first bargan for?


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I would see if it has a VGA output and if it does, I would pay $250-$300. You can just hook up a normal VGA monitor to it and use it as a desktop replacement.


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ide say thats a pretty damn good deal already, my dad payed wayyyy more for pretty much the same thing so ide get it then get those problems repaired which im sure any comp store can do