How much traffic visits this site?

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Tech Forums get 950+ per day and tech heaven gets about 300 per day.

The traffic is slowly growing and I have some big plans for next month that really should boost traffic :)
Just a few SEO tricks i've implemented in to the forums, Which im 99.9% sure the traffic will tripple when google and other search engines update.
hahaha, sweet. Yea when i found this place, it was like the 2nd or 3rd result on google :)
Getting taffic to the site isn't the problem. The problem is getting the visitors to signup and post.
Yea..I see WAY too many people here that post once or twice for one question then never post again.
That's just the way some people are. They feel that this place is way too big to get to know anyone so they don't even try.

I however, don't really know anyone, but I am starting to slowly, that's why I stay-- there are other geeks here that know what I am talking about when I say DDR.... lol.
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