how much to over clock?

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I'm currently running a celleron 950mhz with a biostar m6vlr main board with a 20 gig hard drive and 128mb of ram.
In the bios there is a section where I can over clock the cpu as much as 132%.
I first tried 110% and it gave me 1.04 Ghz.
Then I tried 120% and it gave me 1.14Ghz.
finally I tried 130% and it wouldn't even turn on! :eek:
So I took the side pannel off and flashed the bios and now I'm back at 100%(950Mhz)

Would this have caused any damage to the cpu?
How high can I go?

Any help would be great!
Ok. Unfortunetly, I do not know enough about overclocking to tell you how much specifically you can go before damaging it, but if you managed to flash the BIOS back, and were able to boot again, I do not think it could have been damaged. Maybe your system didn't have enough power to support the higher clock speed, in which case it would not have booted. If you can only go a couple hundred Mhz higher, you won't notice much of a speed difference, and you're potentially shortening your CPU's life, which essentially means it's probably not worth it. If you really want to improve your computer's speed, you can add 128 MB RAM, that usually makes a BIG difference. :)
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