How much education?

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How much computer education have all of you had? Be specific..I want to see what direction I would head in to get a better idea of what I might want to be. Is that confusing?:p
I am also mostly self taught, but I am working on some cable industry certs now and then on to the MCSA.

Really your best bet is to decide what aspect of computers is the most fun to you and we can help you decide on an education path.
Self taught here, but computing has only have been an interest of me for only 3 or so years.

My goal is not to be a programmer, but rather, the IT guy, from the work I've been put through.
I've been working with computers for the last 7 years seriously, but "just messing" with them for almost 13 years.

I am mostly self-taught but I am now attending college to be, as GeForce said, "the IT guy".

After I am finished there and have my certs and degree, I plan on attending several college courses on C++/C#. I am doing some reading on them now and piddeling around, but I do not have the time to actually dedicate to it... unfortunatly.
For 10 years, screwing around with MAcs at college and some courses. Owned a PC for 5 years. Mostly self-taught. I am attending a junior college for networking.
Well, been in college for over a year now and changed majors from Medical Transcription a year ago to MCSE program. Yeah, it was a dive, but in my opinion, it's all worth it. I've been in the MCSE program for almost a year now. I enjoy it sometimes, but get burned out too easily. Hey, good news though. I did manage to build my own PC so, yeah, it's all worth it. I intend to finish up here and to into meteorology next year. Too many things I want to do, so little time.........................
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