How much do you guys think i can get


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Ok guys im trying to sell this comp i got a new one and so im trying to make a little money. The case and hard drive are brand new everything else is used but in excellent condition. There is a brand new heatsink on the video card. Im gonna be installing windows on it to make sure everything works. I have an extra monitor so i could throw that in (crt).

Intel Pentium 4/3.2ghz processor
Asus p4p800 se mobo
Ati Radeon 9800 pro
1gig of pc 3200 ram
450watt power supply
80 gig western digital hard drive(brand new with windows on it)
Brand new xion case
xion case

So what do you guys think i was kinda hoping for 500 USD. Do you guys think i could get more