How Much Could I get for a Dell Inspiron 6000 laptop?


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I've had my Dell Inspiron 6000 laptop for about 2-3 years and I wanted to upgrade to a newer laptop. I'm hopeing to sell my inspiron on ebay to get money towards a new system.

The laptop is in good condition. I have recently replaced the top covering of the laptop so it has very few scratches on it.
I replaced the battery a couple of months ago and I have have it plugged in for the most part, so the battery's condition is brand new.
The harddrive is 160gb and is also brand new.

The general health of the laptop is very good. The screen is in good condition and everything is working like it should.

Some other specs:

RAM: 1.5
Harddrive: 160GB
Processor: Pentium M Dothan, 2.0GHZ

The computer is fast enough to play just about any game with ease.

I also have a few accessories I can throw in:

- A carrying bag that is in excellent condition. (a $50 value)
- 2 extra AC power adapters (3 ac power adapters is a $200+ value)
- 1 extra 512mb RAM stick. (It wont go into the laptop since the 2 slots are already taken, but it is still a $20+ value)


How much do you think I could sell this for?

figured I'd bump this