How many watts does your pc actually use?

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I just bought one of those kill-a-watt meters, those things that measure how many watts something uses. I figured I would see how much my computer uses. This was done with just the pc hooked up and nothing else. It turns out at idle, it uses 140 watts and while gaming, it uses 220 watts Going by that, I could get by with a 400 watt PSU. I had no idea I could use one that small.

My dad has a Dell Dimension 2400 with a ATI 9250 GPU and his uses 70 watts at idle and 140 watts while gaming.

I am curious as to what higher end rigs use. If anybody else has a kill-a-watt, feel free to post what your numbers are. This could be used as a guideline as to what size PSU to recommend in the future.
You probably could get away with a 400 watt PSU if it had enough amps to power your computer.
I want a new power supply :(
I've got the Q6600 also and a 8800GS
mine is drawing 125 ish idle, near 300 on full load
full load is tested with prime95 on cpu and furmark on gpu
I just retested with prime95 and furmark and it is now 300 watts. For now on if anybody wants to do this, they should test it with prime95 and furmark.

Actually, yours idles lower than mine.
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