How many times can you install XP?

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So on how many different computers can you install Windows XP before you get stopped or prompted by windows or something? I'm curious. All those online reviews are years old.
Been able to install the Corporate edition (as a test) on 8 test machines so far - probably the exception.
lol, exactly what im talking about, hehe
ask microsuck. not many people on here use retail copies of XP
Well as fas as I can tel, we dont have many people on here who went out and PAID for Windows XP. And thats all im sayin.
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Push the boat out, another simple question gets ignored by the expert contribs to Tech Forum. Do you moderator guys actually know anything?

One answer is a few times in a three day timescale, with SP1 loaded. After that it depends on how much of the original system is changed.

JavaJoe:- Edit- The balls to talk smack on a forum he has only posted on a few times.
Two posts and you think you have the right to talk about us like your a tech-god?

Not a good way to start your stay here.
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