How long on average does it take a non IT person to a frontend developer?

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I graduated from an economics university 4 years ago. Now I wanna to get into the tech career. My target is to be a front end developer. I have learnt basics about HTML, Javascipt, CSS. I know that I gotta learn more to open my knowledge and familiarize myself with it.
Anyone here is a tech person from the non-IT background? How long does it take you to become a front end dev or related?
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It depends on many personal and professional factors such as, interest, focus, intelligence, effective coaching, course, methodologies and curriculum applied by training institutes. There are courses provided by top training institutes like Vytcdc that promises to train and equip you to become a front end developer within 3 months. Courses, curriculum, coaching methods are tailored to provide comprehensive training to help you learn faster. There are courses that help you develop websites within 5 days
I am from the tech industry. Actually I would say 4 years roughly. It will take 2 years for some one from the tech industry but from non tech added 2 more years. But then if you do not have thing for creativity or colors it would take long. I started as back end developer but over the years got an understanding for UI design. Now that that have eye for retouching ...

I had a previous colleague who was from economics background and started as accountant. He worked for two years as an accountant . Then decided to start in Graphics Design retouching. Later on gave advise to start 3D. It took him 6 years to get his onw business in 3D. He si doing really well.
For a front-end developer, these are the specifications that you must meet:

1. proficient in coding languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and jQuery
2. Understand server-side CSS.
3. Be experienced with graphic design applications (e.g., Adobe Illustrator)
4. Have an understanding of SEO

You can enroll yourself in some online or offline courses that could help you to develop these skills and get certifications for the same. Once you get some understanding of these concepts you can start working on live projects under an internship to gain some practical knowledge of them. Expertise comes with experience. So you would need to keep learning and developing in this field.
Depends on the person. It will take nearly 4-5 years from non tech. if you are not prominent in this position it would take long.
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