How is it possible...

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that these forums have over 900 members and only a little over a 1,000 posts. That's like each member has posted 1 time. But of course we know that not everyone has posted. It's probably liike 5% that post.

But do you get 900 members that don't post?
Good question I often wonder the same thing. Any suggestions on how to make them post would be great.

Most of the other forums i visit / moderate, get rid of zero posters after a certain amount of time ...not much help but keeps the people that are interested in the forum posting .
Yeah, getting rid of non posting ppl is maybe no a pleasent way but sure can be affectice.. if a person doesn't take a active part on the site, he should stop be one..
Ok im taking all this in.

What sort of time frame should it be before non posting members be removed?
A month is more then kind :)
But I think that if a member has poseted before, but stopped for a large amount of time (without informing about it), he should be considered has a non posting member too..
A month! I think thats a little short. Cause we do get some people signup and just read and lurk the forums for a good while before they make a post.
Members: 997, Threads: 413, Posts: 1,727
that's a good improvment :)
an average of 2 posts per memeber, lol :)
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